2-Day Great Wall Hike: Jiankou, Mutianyu, Jinshanling and Simatai

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Day 1: Beijing - Jiankou – Mutianyu-Gubeikou
Meet your guide in central Beijing and travel to Jiankou in private vehicle. The drive to Jiankou will take about 2 hours and a half. You'll begin your moderate 6-mile (10-km) hike along first sections of the Great Wall.  As you hike uphill for the first hour, admire sweeping vistas and notice the elaborate stonework and roofs of structures and statues. You’ll also meander through dense jungles and bushes.

Throughout your hike, we will provide you with water and snacks. At midday, enjoy a picnic lunch that is provided by your guide. Reach the restored Mutianyu section, where you’ll then drive to Gubeikou for an overnight stay at a local farmer's guesthouse. Walk around the village with your guide and learn how it played an essential role in defending the capital during the Ming Dynasty.  Then, discover the quaint rural lifestyle of local farmers as you relax and mingle with the farmers over an authentic, home-cooked Chinese meal including dumplings.  Overnight in local farmer's guesthouse in Gubeikou. The Great Wall at Jiankou located in the district of Huairou, about 80km/50miles northeast of Beijing. Jiankou Great Wall was an essential section of the wall in Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644). Jiankou Great Wallis one of the most dangerous and wild Great Wall sections. It is also the most photographed section due to its precipitous mountains, unique construction style, and attractive scenery; many of the Great Wall photos published recently taken here. “Jiankou” means “arrow nock,” because the shape of the mountain is like an arrow, with the collapsed ridge opening as its arrow nock. Built from the local material, dolomite, the large pieces of white rock make it striking to the eye at a distance. It zigzags 12 miles (20 kilometers) from the Ox Horn Edge Wall to the Nine-Eye Tower via the Beijing Knot,  joining Mutianyu in the east and Huanghuacheng in the west.

• Local farmer's guest house  (1 night)
Transportation: private
Included Activities:
• Entrance to the Great Wall Jiankou and Mutianyu
Meals Included:
• Picnic at the wall
• dinner at local farmer's house

Day 2: Gubeikou - Wangjinglou – Beijing (B, L)
After a typical farmer’s breakfast, drive 30 minutes to Wangjinglou Tower (Watching Beijing Tower) and climb to the top for bird’s-eye views of the surrounding mountains and, on a clear day, the city of Beijing. You’ll hike 4 miles (6 km) and ascend 1,768 feet (539 meters) for a total of almost 2 hours. Break for 1.5 hours to soak in views. After that, relax on the ride back to Beijing. When you arrive, enjoy a traditional Chinese lunch at Wangfujing shopping district.

Transportation: private
Included Activities:
• Entrance to Wangjinglou
Meals Included:
• Breakfast and lunch

What to take:
- Comfortable shoes and boots.
- Sunscreen and sunglasses.
- Cap or hat
- Daypack

- Camera and snacks

- Changing clothing for one overnight staying

- Rain jacket or wind proof jacket (depends on weather)

Important notes:

- There is no toilet along the oath on the wall. There are toilets at the entrance of each Great Wall sections. 
- You will be followed by local farmers when starting the hike. They try to provide their help along the way, as a reward they will sell some souvenirs or snacks. If you don't like, you can say No, Thanks instead of saying Maybe later. Embrace it, or ignore them. Other they might follow you all the way on the wall. 
- We provide unlimited bottled water in private car/bus, and you will need a daypack to carry them.

- It is traveler's responsibility to ensure that you have travel insurance. It is traveler's responsibility to be sure to have coverage of injury or accident.

- Trekking Poles: this is available to rent upon booking. 10 CNY per day/per a pair

Booking a Single Room - On this particular tour we are pleased to be able to offer travellers the option of pre-booking a guaranteed single room. Your accommodation is selected for convenient.

Vaccinations and Your Health - We recommend that you contact your primary care physician or a travel doctor for advice on vaccinations and travel health and we advise that you check to see if your tetanus-diphtheria booster is still valid every 10 years. 

*At China Adventures we don't make money by taking you to commissioned shopping places, a common practice in China, wasting your time. Our well trained guides will privide the best services to you. Have a great trip! 

2 Days