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Hardly can one find a better place than Tibet to take photos in China. Its diverse topography, alpine climate, rare wildlife and mysterious religion can cater to virtually the needs of photographers. The ambient light on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau changes in every minute and takes on different colors as time goes by. Wherever you are in Tibet, boundless northern grassland, deeply religious and mysterious monasteries, or breathtaking sacred lakes, the constantly changing light cast on every corner of Tibet will prompt you to press the shutter button and quench your thirst for artistic creation. All you need to have is patience and a bit good luck.

What’s special about Tibet?
· Ultimate Alpine Landscape
· The diverse geographical wonders promise a mind-blowing journey
· Mysterious Tibetan Buddhism
· The centuries-old murals and intriguing religious practice in monasteries draw photographers of all kinds.
· Entrancing Local Custom
· Hospitable locals live harmoniously with harsh environment and develop unique customs.
· Unparalleled Artistic Appreciation
· Amateur or pro photographer, you will get thrilled by the dazzling sunlight, religious compounds and indigenous locals, etc.

Top 8 Destinations for Photography
· Mt. Everest
· Mt. Namjagbarwa
· Mt. Kailash
· Manasarovar Lake
· Namtso Lake
· Yamdrok Lake
· Potala Palace
· Jokhang Temple

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