One day hike on the Great Wall from Jiankou to Mutianyu

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Beijing - Jiankou Great Wall - Mutian Yu Great Wall - Beijing (L)
At 8:00 am, your professional hiking and historian tour guide will pick you up from your hotel. Private transfer will take you to the Jiankou section of the Great Wall (2.5 hrs), where you’ll begin your moderate 5-hour hike.

On this hike, you will explore the unrestored and untouched wild Wall. You will start the hiking around 10 AM, and it will take about 5 - 6 hours hiking on the wall. A late lunch at a local restaurant will organize after the hiking before returning your hotel.

JianKou Great Wall Overview:
JianKou Great Wall is regarded by some people as the most picturesque section of Great Wall and is an excellent example of “Wild Great Wall.” It’s become a popular photographic hotspot and hiking destination in recent days. Jiankou is translated as “Arrow Nock” in English since the shape of the mountains where the wall built is like an arrow with the collapsed ridge opening as its arrow nock.

The central section of the wall was formed along the ridges with cliffs on each side. 

Jiankou Great Wall located at Xizhaizi Village, 30 km from Huairou District, and 70 km from Beijing. Originally Jiankou Great Wall was built in Tang Dynasty and was restored mostly in the Ming Dynasty. It connects to Mutianyu Great Wall in the east and Huanghuacheng Great Wall in the west. It’s the most dangerous and steep section of all Ming Dynasty Great Wall. It stretches from “The Ox Horn Edge Wall” in the east to “The Nine-Eye Tower” in the north via “The Beijing Knot” with a total length of 9.3 miles. Different from the building material – bricks – at Mutianyu and Simatai sections, Jiankou section built with the local material – dolomite, which made the base of the wall harder and stronger. Therefore, Jiankou section is steeper, higher and varied compared with other parts of the Great Wall near Beijing.

Mutian Yu Great Wall Overview:
Mutianyu Great Wall located in Huairou County 70 km northeast of central Beijing. The Wall of Mutianyu is connected with Jiankou in the west and Lianhuachi in the east. As one of the best-preserved parts of the Great Wall, Mutianyu section used to serve as the northern barrier defending the capital and the imperial tombs. First built in the mid-6th century during the Northern Qi, the Mutianyu section is older than the Badaling section of the Great Wall. During the Ming dynasty, under the supervision of General Xu Da, construction of the present wall began, building over the past wall. 

In 1404, a pass built in the wall. In 1569, the Mutianyu Great Wall rebuilt and till today most parts of it are well preserved. The Mutianyu Great Wall has the most significant construction scale and best quality among all sections of Great Wall. Follow your knowledgeable guide along the wondrous weave of the wall and marvel at the 2- or 3-story towers from ancient origins. Admire spectacular views of the Chinese countryside and gain a fascinating insight into this magnificent monument.  Sip bottled water and capture fantastic photographs throughout your exploration and note the perpetually changing perspective achieved by dipping gradients and steep inclines.

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What to take:

- Comfortable shoes and boots.
- Sunscreen and sunglasses.
- Cap or hat
- Daypack
- Camera and snacks
- Rain jacket or wind proof jacket (depends on weather)

Important notes:
- There is no toilet along the oath on the wall. There are toilets at the entrance of Jiankou and Mutian Yu.
- You will be followed by local farmers when starting the hike. They try to provide their help along the way, as a reward they will sell some souvenirs or snacks. If you don't like, you can say No, Thanks instead of saying Maybe later. Embrace it, or ignore them. Other they might follow you all the way on the wall.
- We provide unlimited bottled water in private car/bus, and you will need a daypack to carry them.
- It is traveler's responsibility to ensure that you have travel insurance. It is traveler's responsibility to be sure to have coverage of injury or accident.
- Trekking Poles: this is available to rent upon booking. 10 CNY per day/per a pair

*At China Adventures we don't make money by taking you to commissioned shopping places, a common practice in China, wasting your time. Our well trained guides will privide the best services to you. Have a great trip!

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